First Nations Health and Social Secretariat of Manitoba.

The goal of the First Nations Health and Social Secretariat of Manitoba (FNHSSM) is for First Nations in the region to have increased opportunities to participate in:

  • the planning and development of a Unified Health System in Manitoba;
  • influence regional and national health policy; health system changes;
  • program development in areas including, but not limited to: health consultation, maternal child health, e-Health/Panorama, youth suicide, mental health, inter-governmental health, research and health governance.

Our Vision.

The objectives of the FNHSSM is to carry out business in the areas of health and social development for First Nations in Manitoba that are founded in the Treaty and inherent right to health and that are culturally appropriate, holistic and community-based.

The First Nations Health and Social Secretariat of Manitoba’s logo was influenced by the spirit name that was given to the entity Nanaandawewigamig meaning “Healing Place”.

Holistically the logo represents health, healing, learning, growth, sacredness.

The Inner Circle is made up of several smaller circles in the form of four people with arms embraced. This symbolizes the Grandmother and Children.

The Grandmother represents spiritual guidance and carrying on traditions within our community and work in the Health and Social system.

The Children symbolizes partnerships in the process of improving the health within our communities; learning; unity in our partnerships and communities; diversity and strength.

The Feathers represent the 4 directions our people come from; wholeness; success; renewal and action.

The Directions of the four eagle feathers are symbolized for action along with our 4 sacred medicines including: tobacco – our first medicine; sage – the woman’s medicine; and sweetgrass and cedar our supporting medicines. Ensuring we include the Elders, Spiritual Leaders and Grandmothers for guidance and advice as we move forward.

The Medicines symbolize the rich history of our people, health, and knowledge. The Four Colours represent the community as a whole working together to achieve goals and balance.